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Book Review: The Empire Of Gold

The Empire Of Gold is the final book in the Daevabad trilogy. It sets itself apart in the high fantasy genre by effectively using the setting of Ottoman-empire-age Persia. This setting adds a richness and novelty to the trilogy, alongside having excellent political intrigue. I’m not really sure how to write this review without spoilers … Continue reading Book Review: The Empire Of Gold

Book Review: Realms

I was thrilled when Patrick Morgan reached out to ask if I would review his sophomore novel. I thoroughly enjoyed his previous one, Apparent Horizon, although it didn’t necessarily line up with my worldview very well. Luckily, I felt Realms was fundamentally much more accessible to the average reader. It was heartfelt and genuine, even … Continue reading Book Review: Realms

Book Review: Tokyo Mayday

Maison Urwin’s book takes a novel approach to addressing the increasingly isolationist perspective of England by flipping the problem on its head. Instead of other migrants trying to enter the UK, citizens of the FREW (Federal Republic of England and Wales) are desperately trying to migrate to the economic powerhouses in Asia. It turns an … Continue reading Book Review: Tokyo Mayday

Book Review: Instant Karma

I don’t read a lot of romance/contemporary novels, but this was the February book for a book club I’m part of and I thought I’d give it a try. I felt like it was a fine novel, but nothing special. It had a solid core to the story, but the trimmings, so to speak, felt … Continue reading Book Review: Instant Karma

Book Review: Homo Deus

When I read Sapiens a few months ago, I thought I’d reached the pinnacle of non-fiction. I certainly did not imagine that it’s follow-up book would have an even more profound effect on me. Considerably more. It reached to the core of my beliefs and completely upended them. While Yuval Noah Harari’s previous book focused … Continue reading Book Review: Homo Deus

Arc Review: Pariah’s Lament

If I had to sum up this book in one word it would be inconsistent. There were flashes of absolute brilliance, then those same aspects would fall flat just pages later. Therefore, the book averaged out as a fairly average read for me. Nevertheless, there is an argument to be made that those moments of … Continue reading Arc Review: Pariah’s Lament

Book Review: Numbers

The first thing that struck me about this book is how much it reminded me of Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig (a book I love). Both deal with a single character knowing something they shouldn’t about death, and seeing it as a curse. They are both very gritty, dark novels. Yet what set Numbers apart for … Continue reading Book Review: Numbers


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