Blog Update: I’m Back (Sort of)

Hello everyone! It certainly has been a while since I’ve last posted. However, my exam’s have been over for a couple weeks now, and I’ve been slowly catching up on everything I missed while I was dealing with them. I feel like I’ve done well, but only time will tell. It feels strange to wake up and have nothing specific that needs to happen, yet I have definitely needed some time to just do nothing to recharge.

Based on the title, you might be wondering why I’m only sort of back. The reason is that I’m going away for the next week to visit some family, so I won’t be posting again for another week, at which point I’ll be back on schedule. I wanted to write this post before I went away though, as I thought it would motivate me to actually get on and write my book reviews when I get back, instead of telling myself I’ll write them and then the day mysteriously vanishing and I’ve still made no progress.

During my time away, I did give a decent amount of thought to my blog, and whether I wanted to change anything. However, I think I’m going to keep my schedule of posts roughly the same, although perhaps writing a little less than before, and just take it from there. I want to make sure it is sustainable when I have other things going on in my life, but I’m not entirely sure how that happens, and if anything even needs changing.

I read a decent number of books while I was absent, although maybe not as many as I would have liked. I’ll probably retroactively review some of them – it might be interesting to see how much of an impression they left on me a few months later on. I think my favourite during this period was probably Legendborn by Tracy Deonn, which I read for a book club. I didn’t know that much going into it, but it was considerably better than I thought it’d be. I was surprised at the depth it managed to access in its themes without sacrificing any of the fantasy elements. I’d strongly recommend taking a look at it if you haven’t before and you like fantasy.

I also read a really excellent non-fiction book called The Crusades: The War for the Holy Land by Thomas Asbridge. I like history, but have never been that interested in this time period before. However, this book was written so fluidly and the whole narrative of the Crusades was so easy to follow that I was captivated right from the start. In places, it almost felt like I was reading a piece of fiction, between the author’s accessible writing to the remarkable events he was recounting.

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