Music Monday 15/3/21

I feel like I’ve missed so much music (since I only started listening properly back in March 2020), so I’ve created this recurring post for a dual purpose: to help remind you of songs you might have forgotten (or never heard) while I go on a journey of discovery, and to document what I have been listening to. Please leave any listening recommendations below!

Diving right in this week, we have Diane by Cam. When I heard this, I instantly thought of Dolly Parton’s famous song, Jolene. To me, it feels like Jolene’s own perspective, made for the modern age. I’m curious to hear if you agree with this unusual take. Then there is Royals by Lorde. I didn’t think much of this alternative hit the first time I heard it, but it’s really grown on me. I’ve also been turned onto the sea shanty, Santiana (by the Longest Johns), by a close friend. I love the richness of the voices. I’ve also, bit by bit, been converted to a Taylor Swift fan. I thought this was the right time to feature her music, given folklore just won best album at the Grammys yesterday. At this moment, betty is probably my favourite song from the album. Finally, I wanted to give a mention to a band I think is highly underrated. I love the music produced by Harpeth Rising, so here is Westbound By Polaris. Hope you enjoying listening to these!

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