Weekly Preview 15/11/20

Hey everybody. Hope you’ve had a good past week; mine’s been pretty standard. Although my school did get their first confirmed case of coronavirus. Last week I reviewed Jonah and The Silent Bluebird, both of which were provided to me by Rosie. Speaking of which, I’ve joined her review team! I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I’ve got a free copy of Synthetic Selection, which I’m hoping to read and review this week.

I also finally finished We, and it was a real slog. It wasn’t bad overall, but definitely not the easiest read. I’ll have a review coming on Tuesday.

I’m also in the middle of Sapiens which has been really good so far. I thought it was about time to read some more non-fiction, and it has been really informative and easy to digest so far.

What have you been reading? What are you most excited to read next?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Preview 15/11/20

  1. Thanks for the shout out Aidan. My next book is a memoir set in Japan about a woman who helped with the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which destroyed much of the Tohoku coastline. (One Month In Tohoku by Caroline Pover)

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