Weekly Preview 1/11/20

I have some exciting news this week – I’m taking part in Rosie’s Review-A-Book Challenge. It’s kind of exhilarating because I got a free copy of Wasteland by Terry Tyler, and now I feel like a real reviewer! The book has been good so far and you’ll get to see the review soon. Also, I’ve been really impressed with how helpful and quick to respond Rosie has been. There is still time to participate in this challenge (I think), and this could be a great way to get into reviewing if anyone is interested.

Beyond that, last week I reviewed Life of Pi and One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, both of which were decent books. I also participated in my first ever book tag.

There’s a review of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children coming on Tuesday as per usual. It had some pretty creepy pictures in it, which was a really unique part of the book.

I’m hoping to keep up the sci-fi slant to the blog by reading We next week (as well as finishing Wasteland). I’m pretty excited about this one since it is supposed to have inspired Orwell’s 1984, which will definitely be interesting to see.

Finally, I’ve got some more ideas for the blog coming down the pipeline. I want to try and find more recurring content, so that I can start to post every day. At the moment, I would need to write 5 book reviews in a week to accomplish this, which just isn’t going to happen. Therefore, I’ve had an idea for something I’m currently calling ‘slow reads’, with more information to follow on Friday. Also, I want to take some Saturday’s (normally my day off) to post more political content (the original concept for the blog). You might recall me saying I was going to read The Communist Manifesto, which I did last week, so look for something about it on Saturday. Although I might end up talking about the American election or other pressing news if I feel it is more relevant.

That’s all for the preview. What are you most interested to read? Is there anything else you want to see on the blog? What did you most enjoy reading in October?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Preview 1/11/20

  1. Thank you for helping to spread news of our reviewing challenge Aidan. I’m glad that you are enjoying Terry’s book. Yes we are still happy to accept new readers who would like to read a free book in exchange for a review, lots of genres to choose from. Do click on the link on the first line of Aidan’s post for more details. Many thanks, Rosie

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  2. Aidan, thanks so much for choosing Wasteland, but, more than that, for taking part in RRABC! Your blog looks excellent (and ODITLO Ivan Denisovich is one of those ‘why haven’t I read it yet’ books – it’s on my shelf!).

    Welcome to our bookish world 🙂

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