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Music Monday 5/10/20

I feel like I’ve missed so much music (since I only started listening properly back in March), so I’ve created this recurring post for a dual purpose: to help remind you of songs you might have forgotten (or never heard) while I go on a journey of discovery, and to document what I have been … Continue reading Music Monday 5/10/20

Weekly Preview 22/11/20

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve absolutely been loving having an e-reader, which I got for my birthday on Monday. My school has also requested that all of year 13 stay home due to COVID cases being found in the school. This is great for my personal learning, because I haven’t been … Continue reading Weekly Preview 22/11/20

Book Review: Synthetic Selection

I really like the sound of Synthetic Selection when I first read it’s description on Rosie’s blog. While it did raise some interesting questions, and had some more unique perspectives on different moral themes, I felt the execution was unfortunately clunky in places. The premise of the book is that humanity has collectively failed, and … Continue reading Book Review: Synthetic Selection


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