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Music Monday 5/7/21

Hello everyone. I hope you’ve had a decent couple of weeks since I last posted. I really enjoyed my trip away, which was the first in well over a year. However, I do feel a little bit aimless now that school has finished and university is still a ways off. It’s made it hard to … Continue reading Music Monday 5/7/21

Weekly Preview 21/3/21

Hello everyone. I’ve reached the unfortunate conclusion that I need to focus all my efforts on my exams. I thought I’d be able to continue writing some blog posts alongside, but I’ve just been too exhausted to do it, and I think it’ll just cause too much stress if I continue to try. I’ve still … Continue reading Weekly Preview 21/3/21

Music Monday 15/3/21

I feel like I’ve missed so much music (since I only started listening properly back in March 2020), so I’ve created this recurring post for a dual purpose: to help remind you of songs you might have forgotten (or never heard) while I go on a journey of discovery, and to document what I have … Continue reading Music Monday 15/3/21

Weekly Preview 14/3/21

Hello everyone. This past week has been a pretty slow one, where I’ve been cramming revision into most of my waking hours. Not exactly glamourous, but it needs to be done. Next week, however, is much more exciting. To start with, I’m going back to school tomorrow, which hasn’t happened in a year. I’m definitely … Continue reading Weekly Preview 14/3/21


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